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  1. releng: Add missing source for tracecompass.common.core (detail)
  2. lami: set the min value when clamping to zero. (detail)
  3. Fix javadoc warning (detail)
  4. tmf: bug 494698 Add per-event fields to custom parsers (detail)
  5. releng: Update targets with new Neon.1 update sites (detail)
  6. linux.core: add Tux Icon to linux core analysis (detail)
  7. timing.ui: Make doubleclicking on a flame graph event zoom on it (detail)
  8. timing: Fix duration of flamegraph view (detail)
  9. Fix importing an archive containing colons (:) in the names on Windows (detail)
  10. timing.ui: add Export to TSV to tables and statistics (detail)
  11. tmf: annotate TmfContext#location as nullable (detail)
  12. lami: getSymbolColors can return null (detail)
  13. lami: synchronize getter for currentReport (detail)
  14. releng: Fix Mars build by adding missing gson dependency (detail)
  15. Fix warning non externalized string (detail)
  16. timing.ui: make export to tsv internal (detail)
  17. xml.ui: add icon for TimeGraphView (detail)
  18. xml.ui: add LineChart icons (detail)
  19. releng: Update sonar-maven-plugin to latest version (detail)
  20. ss: add a wrapper for the state system delete files (detail)
  21. tmf: Add ellipses to Synchronize Traces action (detail)
  22. segment store: introduce a Segment Store Factory and centralize segment stores (detail)
  23. releng: Change staging target to use platform integration builds (detail)
  24. Add utility method to close secondary shells after tests (detail)
  25. ss: historyTreeFile can be null (detail)
  26. Fix typo in SWTBotUtils (detail)
  27. Add script to convert html download stats to CSV (detail)
  28. segStore: guard size() in segment stores (detail)
  29. Make waitForJobs available to non-SWTBot test plugins (detail)
  30. tmf.ui: Sequence diagram, fix some robustness issues (detail)
  31. tmf: Log the exception when error occurs while opening a trace (detail)
  32. tmf.ui: Make TmfTimeViewer handlers parameters nullable (detail)
  33. Use snapshot of RCPTT 2.2.0 (detail)
  34. tmf.ui: Add JUL statements to CommonXLineChart (detail)
  35. tmf: Add waitUntil / condition to tmf.ui.tests (detail)
  36. releng: Add script to generate list of plugins for API baseline (detail)
  37. tmf: Add equals/hashCode to TmfConstantTransform (detail)
  38. Update to test-traces 1.6.0 (detail)
  39. lttng: Fix ControlViewTest (detail)
  40. releng: Add SWTBot integration tests for import wizard (detail)
  41. tmf: Use Apache Common Compress for importing from archive (detail)
  42. tmf: Bug: 499359: Fix deadlock in table when closing trace selection (detail)
  43. Make sure shell is not disposed in closeSecondaryShells (detail)
  44. lttng.control: remove useless data assignment (detail)
  45. tmf: Fix intermittent fail in ProjectModelOutputTest.testListOutputs (detail)
  46. tmf: Add utility method to delete supplementary files of a trace (detail)
  47. releng: Change the "-Pbuild-rcp" directive to a "-Dskip-rcp" property (detail)
  48. releng: Add SWTBot integration tests (detail)
  49. ss: History trees can define their own node types (detail)
  50. timing: avoid a division by zero with scatter viewer (detail)
  51. tmf.ui: make common line charts display the window range, not their model range (detail)
  52. timing.ui: make Scatter chart not update the UI in update data (detail)
  53. ss: fix common node header size and check free space (detail)
  54. segstore: remove redundancies in deprecated class (detail)
  55. doc: Modify 'Import mapping file' icon and title for callstack view (detail)
  56. doc: Update event matching developer documentation (detail)
  57. timing.core: Add local statistics to the latency statistics (detail)
  58. tmf.ui: Introduce TmfFileDialogFactory (detail)
  59. segStore: Run benchmarks as a parameterized test (detail)
  60. tmf.ui: bug 505695 fix time graph views with GTK (detail)
  61. doc: Add documentation for the local statistics (detail)
  62. tmf: Automatically sync experiments set up with the same hosts (detail)
  63. segstore: introduce sorted iterators (detail)
  64. tmf: make latches synchronized in abstract analysis module [bug 485793] (detail)
  65. analysis.ui: add Export to TSV action test (detail)
  66. releng: Provide a build property to skip automated UI tests (detail)
  67. linux.swtbot: Add more tests to SystemCallLatencyTableAnalysisTest (detail)
  68. timing.ui: Remove dependency on trace with FlameGraphContentProvider (detail)
  69. timing: Add a generic table view for any segment provider (detail)
  70. tmf: Mark TmfTraceManager @NonNullByDefault (detail)
  71. timing.core: add testing for less used functions in the segment store (detail)
  72. releng: Do not build the testing feature when some tests are skipped (detail)
  73. tmf.ui: Add a SWTbot condition for XY charts ready (detail)
  74. tmf.ui/timing: Update XY viewers even if there is no data (detail)
  75. timing.ui: fix typo in id of CallGraphDensityView (detail)
  76. timing: fix typos in segstore statistics test (detail)
  77. os.linux: Ignore testWriteToTsv swtbot test (detail)
  78. segStore: Add benchmarks for sorted iterations (detail)
  79. timing.swtbot: add SWTBot tests to timing analysis (detail)
  80. lttng.ui.test: Enable SymbolMap test (detail)
  81. lttng.swtbot: Add cfv toolbar order test (detail)
  82. graph/timing: Fix a typo in Manifest.MF file (detail)
  83. lttng.swtbot: Add resources view swtbot tests (detail)
  84. tmf.core: Make getParamater synchronized (detail)
  85. lttng.ui: Add test in symbol map test to verify names (detail)
  86. timing.ui: Add dirty conditions for SWTbot to scatter graph viewer (detail)
  87. Use "experimental" update repo for the RCP (detail)
  88. tmf: Update event properties to use aspects (detail)

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