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  1. tmf.core: Secure "Transformer"s by enabling secure processing (detail)
  2. common.test: Add XML attack tests. (detail)
  3. ctf.test: use saturated math while adding times (detail)
  4. releng: Update Trace Compass staging for 2018-12 M2 (detail)
  5. tmf.ui: Ability to set and reset initial time range of a trace type. (detail)
  6. tmf: Fix XMLAnalysesManagerPreferencePage (detail)
  7. tmf: Fix memory leaks in SDView and KeyBindindsManager (detail)
  8. swtbot: Use RepeatedTest in SWTBotStressTests (detail)
  9. tmf: Fix TraceImportOperationTest (detail)
  10. Support of dark theme in Trace Compass (detail)
  11. swtbot: Fix TimeGraphViewTest (detail)
  12. graph.core: Simplify code (detail)

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