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Build stability: All recent builds failed.0
Test Result: 1 test failing out of a total of 1,134 tests.99
Builds the RAP Runtime from the Git master branch (head), including the RAP target components and basic requirements, and runs all the tests.
After a stable build with all tests passed the downstream rap-head-runtime-signed build is started.
5 days 11 hr (#1452) 11 hr (#1457) 9 min 37 secConsole output 
Test Result: 0 tests failing out of a total of 266 tests.100
Build stability: No recent builds failed.100
Builds the RAP Tools from the Git master branch (head) and creates a p2 repository with the signed artifacts.
After a successful run the results are published on the download server as a p2 repository at by the rap-head-publish job.
11 hr (#1349) 8 days 10 hr (#1341) 6 min 26 secConsole output 
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