Project cbi-m2m-qvtoml-3.1.1-integration

Weekly integration build using Dash Athena CBI. When releng project changes (maps are updated w/ new tags), a build will run.

For a release set e.g. BUILDTYPE: S, EXTRAFLAGS: -buildAlias 3.1.1M1

Parameters which need to be configured to distinct between a normal and maintenance release:

1. Configure the origin of the source code -> CVS -> Branch:
* Value for a normal build: *blank*
* Value for a maintenance build: R3_1_maintenance
2. Run -> Run shell command:
* Ensure you use the HEAD to fetch the releng project for a normal build: export PROJRELENGBRANCH='-projRelengBranch HEAD'
* Ensure you use the BRANCH to fetch the releng project for a maintenance build: export PROJRELENGBRANCH='-projRelengBranch R3_1_maintenance'

Disk Usage: Workspace 29MB, Builds 11MB
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