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Disk usage

Jobs:3 GB, Builds:3 GB, Locked builds:-, All workspace:11 GB, Not current workspace:-

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Project nameJobsBuilds allBuilds lockedAll workspaceNot current slave workspace
geogig-master1 GB1 GB-2 GB-
geogig-master-deploy954 MB954 MB-2 GB-
geogig-release64 MB64 MB-2 GB-
geogig-release-deploy11 MB11 MB-2 GB-
geogig-1.1.x280 MB280 MB-440 MB-
geogig-1.2.x99 MB99 MB-452 MB-
geogig-1.1.x-deploy151 MB151 MB-391 MB-
geogig-1.3.x34 MB34 MB-506 MB-
geogig-1.2.x-deploy56 MB56 MB-407 MB-
geogig-master » GeoGig Root3 MB3 MB-445 MB-
geogig-1.0.x29 MB29 MB-414 MB-
geogig-master » GeoGig Web API Automated Functional Tests412 MB412 MB-7 MB-
geogig-1.3.x-deploy5 MB5 MB-406 MB-
geogig-master-deploy » GeoGig Root6 MB6 MB-355 MB-
geogig-master-deploy » GeoGig CLI App71 MB71 MB-285 MB-
geogig-master » GeoGig CLI App16 MB16 MB-325 MB-
geogig-release-deploy » GeoGig CLI App996 KB996 KB-304 MB-
geogig-release » GeoGig CLI App859 KB859 KB-303 MB-
geogig-master » GeoGig Command Line Interface Core292 MB292 MB-8 MB-
geogig-release » GeoGig Command Line Interface15 MB15 MB-174 MB-
geogig-master » GeoGig Command Line Interface557 KB557 KB-183 MB-
geogig-release » GeoGig Command Line Interface22 KB22 KB-180 MB-
geogig-release-deploy » GeoGig Command Line Interface23 KB23 KB-180 MB-
geogig-release-deploy » GeoGig Command Line Interface299 KB299 KB-174 MB-
geogig-1.3.x » GeoGig CLI App397 KB397 KB-169 MB-
geogig-1.2.x » GeoGig CLI App959 KB959 KB-168 MB-
geogig-master-deploy » GeoGig Command Line Interface620 KB620 KB-159 MB-
geogig-1.2.x-deploy » GeoGig CLI App4 MB4 MB-148 MB-
geogig-1.3.x-deploy » GeoGig CLI App539 KB539 KB-148 MB-
geogig-master » GeoGig Core119 MB119 MB-11 MB-
geogig-1.1.x » GeoGig CLI App3 MB3 MB-125 MB-
geogig-1.0.x » GeoGig CLI App425 KB425 KB-124 MB-
geogig-1.1.x-deploy » GeoGig CLI App11 MB11 MB-106 MB-
geogig-master-deploy » GeoGig Core94 MB94 MB-10 MB-
geogig-1.1.x » GeoGig Web API Automated Functional Tests78 MB78 MB-7 MB-
geogig-master » GeoGig Command Line Interface Core75 MB75 MB-4 MB-
geogig-1.1.x » GeoGig Command Line Interface73 MB73 MB-4 MB-
geogig-master » GeoTools Extension42 MB42 MB-23 MB-
geogig-master-deploy » GeoTools Extension39 MB39 MB-23 MB-
geogig-master-deploy » GeoGig Web API55 MB55 MB-4 MB-
geogig-master » GeoGig Web API45 MB45 MB-5 MB-
geogig-1.2.x » GeoGig Web API Automated Functional Tests28 MB28 MB-7 MB-
geogig-1.1.x » GeoGig Core23 MB23 MB-12 MB-
geogig-1.1.x » GeoTools Extension9 MB9 MB-24 MB-
geogig-master-deploy » GeoGig Command Line Interface Core29 MB29 MB-4 MB-
geogig-master » GeoGig CLI GeoTools8 MB8 MB-23 MB-
geogig-master » GeoGig DataStore Implementation29 MB29 MB-2 MB-
geogig-master-deploy » GeoGig Core API29 MB29 MB-2 MB-
geogig-1.1.x-deploy » GeoTools Extension7 MB7 MB-23 MB-
geogig-master-deploy » GeoGig CLI GeoTools6 MB6 MB-23 MB-
geogig-master-deploy » GeoGig Web API Automated Functional Tests28 MB28 MB-992 KB-
geogig-master-deploy » PostgreSQL Storage Backend28 MB28 MB-1 MB-
geogig-1.1.x-deploy » GeoGig Core17 MB17 MB-11 MB-
geogig-1.2.x » GeoTools Extension3 MB3 MB-24 MB-
geogig-1.2.x » GeoGig Command Line Interface22 MB22 MB-4 MB-
geogig-1.2.x-deploy » GeoTools Extension2 MB2 MB-23 MB-
geogig-release » GeoTools Extension2 MB2 MB-23 MB-
geogig-master-deploy » GeoGig DataStore Implementation24 MB24 MB-1 MB-
geogig-1.0.x » GeoTools Extension1 MB1 MB-24 MB-
geogig-1.3.x » GeoTools Extension970 KB970 KB-24 MB-
geogig-release-deploy » GeoTools Extension463 KB463 KB-23 MB-
geogig-1.3.x-deploy » GeoTools Extension212 KB212 KB-23 MB-
geogig-master » GeoTools modules parent15 KB15 KB-23 MB-
geogig-release-deploy » GeoGig CLI GeoTools66 KB66 KB-23 MB-
geogig-release » GeoGig CLI GeoTools64 KB64 KB-23 MB-
geogig-master-deploy » RocksDB storage backend21 MB21 MB-516 KB-
geogig-release » GeoGig Web API Automated Functional Tests17 MB17 MB-4 MB-
geogig-master-deploy » GeoGig WebApp20 MB20 MB-75 KB-
geogig-master » GeoGig Core API18 MB18 MB-2 MB-
geogig-master » RocksDB storage backend19 MB19 MB-704 KB-
geogig-1.2.x » GeoGig Core8 MB8 MB-11 MB-
geogig-1.3.x » GeoGig Web API Automated Functional Tests8 MB8 MB-7 MB-
geogig-release » GeoGig Core5 MB5 MB-10 MB-
geogig-1.2.x-deploy » GeoGig Core5 MB5 MB-10 MB-
geogig-1.0.x » GeoGig Web API Automated Functional Tests9 MB9 MB-6 MB-
geogig-master » Web modules2 MB2 MB-12 MB-
geogig-1.3.x » GeoGig Core3 MB3 MB-11 MB-
geogig-1.0.x » GeoGig Core2 MB2 MB-10 MB-
geogig-master-deploy » Replication and synchronization11 MB11 MB-2 MB-
geogig-master » Web modules433 KB433 KB-12 MB-
geogig-1.3.x » Web modules41 KB41 KB-12 MB-
geogig-1.2.x » Web modules143 KB143 KB-12 MB-
geogig-1.1.x-deploy » GeoGig Web API9 MB9 MB-3 MB-
geogig-master » geogig-cli-remoting11 MB11 MB-615 KB-
geogig-1.1.x » GeoGig Web API8 MB8 MB-4 MB-
geogig-1.1.x » Web modules457 KB457 KB-11 MB-
geogig-1.3.x » GeoGig Command Line Interface6 MB6 MB-4 MB-
geogig-release-deploy » GeoGig Core419 KB419 KB-10 MB-
geogig-1.3.x-deploy » GeoGig Core298 KB298 KB-10 MB-
geogig-1.0.x » GeoGig Command Line Interface6 MB6 MB-3 MB-
geogig-master » GeoGig Query Language Extension9 MB9 MB-895 KB-
geogig-1.0.x » Web modules59 KB59 KB-9 MB-
geogig-master » Replication and synchronization7 MB7 MB-2 MB-
geogig-release » Web modules142 KB142 KB-9 MB-
geogig-release » Web modules21 KB21 KB-9 MB-
geogig-master-deploy » GeoGig Command Line Interface Core7 MB7 MB-2 MB-
geogig-1.2.x-deploy » GeoGig Web API4 MB4 MB-4 MB-
geogig-1.1.x » GeoGig DataStore Implementation6 MB6 MB-1 MB-
geogig-master-deploy » Web modules2 MB2 MB-5 MB-
geogig-1.1.x-deploy » GeoGig Command Line Interface6 MB6 MB-2 MB-
geogig-1.2.x » GeoGig Web API3 MB3 MB-5 MB-
geogig-1.3.x » GeoGig Web API3 MB3 MB-5 MB-
geogig-master » GeoTools Command Extension15 KB15 KB-7 MB-
geogig-release » GeoGig Web API2 MB2 MB-4 MB-
geogig-1.1.x-deploy » GeoGig Core API5 MB5 MB-1 MB-
geogig-master-deploy » Web modules490 KB490 KB-5 MB-
geogig-master » PostgreSQL Storage Backend5 MB5 MB-1 MB-
geogig-1.1.x-deploy » PostgreSQL Storage Backend5 MB5 MB-1 MB-
geogig-master » Basic GUI tools5 MB5 MB-135 KB-
geogig-release-deploy » Web modules173 KB173 KB-5 MB-
geogig-1.2.x-deploy » Web modules172 KB172 KB-5 MB-
geogig-1.1.x-deploy » GeoGig Web API Automated Functional Tests5 MB5 MB-948 KB-
geogig-release-deploy » Web modules23 KB23 KB-5 MB-
geogig-1.1.x-deploy » GeoGig DataStore Implementation4 MB4 MB-1 MB-
geogig-1.1.x-deploy » Web modules513 KB513 KB-4 MB-
geogig-release-deploy » GeoGig Web API404 KB404 KB-4 MB-
geogig-1.1.x » GeoGig Core API3 MB3 MB-2 MB-
geogig-1.3.x-deploy » GeoGig Web API252 KB252 KB-4 MB-
geogig-master » GeoGig WebApp5 MB5 MB-56 KB-
geogig-master-deploy » geogig-cli-remoting4 MB4 MB-213 KB-
geogig-1.0.x » GeoGig Web API937 KB937 KB-3 MB-
geogig-master-deploy » Storage backends2 MB2 MB-2 MB-
geogig-master » Storage backends2 MB2 MB-2 MB-
geogig-1.1.x-deploy » RocksDB storage backend3 MB3 MB-422 KB-
geogig-1.2.x-deploy » GeoGig Command Line Interface2 MB2 MB-2 MB-
geogig-1.2.x » GeoGig DataStore Implementation2 MB2 MB-1 MB-
geogig-master » Storage backends537 KB537 KB-3 MB-
geogig-1.1.x-deploy » GeoGig WebApp3 MB3 MB-133 KB-
geogig-1.1.x » RocksDB storage backend2 MB2 MB-505 KB-
geogig-1.2.x-deploy » GeoGig Core API2 MB2 MB-1 MB-
geogig-1.2.x-deploy » Replication and synchronization2 MB2 MB-1 MB-
geogig-1.2.x-deploy » PostgreSQL Storage Backend2 MB2 MB-1 MB-
geogig-release » GeoGig DataStore Implementation1 MB1 MB-1 MB-
geogig-1.2.x-deploy » GeoGig Web API Automated Functional Tests2 MB2 MB-994 KB-
geogig-1.2.x » GeoGig Core API1 MB1 MB-2 MB-
geogig-master-deploy » Storage backends567 KB567 KB-2 MB-
geogig-1.2.x-deploy » GeoGig DataStore Implementation1 MB1 MB-1 MB-
geogig-1.2.x » Replication and synchronization921 KB921 KB-1 MB-
geogig-1.3.x » GeoGig DataStore Implementation794 KB794 KB-1 MB-
geogig-release » GeoGig Core API990 KB990 KB-1 MB-
geogig-1.2.x » RocksDB storage backend2 MB2 MB-698 KB-
geogig-master-deploy » GeoGigi CLI Postgres Storage Commands2 MB2 MB-30 KB-
geogig-master-deploy » GeoGig Pull Requests Support Commands2 MB2 MB-406 KB-
geogig-1.1.x-deploy » Storage backends521 KB521 KB-1 MB-
geogig-1.1.x » Storage backends472 KB472 KB-2 MB-
geogig-1.1.x » GeoGig Query Language Extension2 MB2 MB-432 KB-
geogig-1.3.x » GeoGig Core API480 KB480 KB-2 MB-
geogig-1.2.x » Storage backends156 KB156 KB-2 MB-
geogig-1.3.x-deploy » GeoGig Command Line Interface142 KB142 KB-2 MB-
geogig-1.3.x » Storage backends52 KB52 KB-2 MB-
geogig-release-deploy » Storage backends175 KB175 KB-2 MB-
geogig-1.0.x » GeoGig Core API460 KB460 KB-1 MB-
geogig-1.2.x-deploy » Storage backends175 KB175 KB-2 MB-
geogig-1.1.x » PostgreSQL Storage Backend816 KB816 KB-1 MB-
geogig-1.3.x-deploy » Web modules13 KB13 KB-2 MB-
geogig-release » Storage backends154 KB154 KB-2 MB-
geogig-1.3.x » Replication and synchronization324 KB324 KB-1 MB-
geogig-release-deploy » GeoGig Core API473 KB473 KB-1 MB-
geogig-release-deploy » Storage backends23 KB23 KB-2 MB-
geogig-1.2.x-deploy » RocksDB storage backend1 MB1 MB-503 KB-
geogig-release-deploy » GeoGig Command Line Interface Core57 KB57 KB-2 MB-
geogig-release » Storage backends21 KB21 KB-2 MB-
geogig-release » GeoGig Command Line Interface Core55 KB55 KB-2 MB-
geogig-release-deploy » PostgreSQL Storage Backend388 KB388 KB-1 MB-
geogig-release » PostgreSQL Storage Backend335 KB335 KB-1 MB-
geogig-release-deploy » Replication and synchronization122 KB122 KB-1 MB-
geogig-1.3.x-deploy » GeoGig Core API254 KB254 KB-1 MB-
geogig-release-deploy » GeoGig DataStore Implementation383 KB383 KB-1 MB-
geogig-1.3.x-deploy » Replication and synchronization103 KB103 KB-1 MB-
geogig-release » Replication and synchronization115 KB115 KB-1 MB-
geogig-1.2.x » PostgreSQL Storage Backend262 KB262 KB-1 MB-
geogig-release-deploy » GeoGig Web API Automated Functional Tests402 KB402 KB-993 KB-
geogig-1.0.x » Storage backends59 KB59 KB-1 MB-
geogig-1.3.x » PostgreSQL Storage Backend106 KB106 KB-1 MB-
geogig-1.3.x-deploy » PostgreSQL Storage Backend131 KB131 KB-1 MB-
geogig-1.3.x-deploy » GeoGig DataStore Implementation111 KB111 KB-1 MB-
geogig-1.2.x-deploy » GeoGig WebApp1 MB1 MB-114 KB-
geogig-1.3.x » RocksDB storage backend539 KB539 KB-694 KB-
geogig-master » GeoGig Pull Requests Support Commands790 KB790 KB-427 KB-
geogig-master » GeoGigi CLI Postgres Storage Commands1 MB1 MB-12 KB-
geogig-release » RocksDB storage backend711 KB711 KB-469 KB-
geogig-1.3.x-deploy » GeoGig Web API Automated Functional Tests125 KB125 KB-990 KB-
geogig-1.0.x » PostgreSQL Storage Backend114 KB114 KB-863 KB-
geogig-1.2.x » GeoGig Query Language Extension525 KB525 KB-444 KB-
geogig-1.1.x » Basic GUI tools831 KB831 KB-63 KB-
geogig-1.1.x-deploy » GeoGig840 KB840 KB-38 KB-
geogig-release-deploy » RocksDB storage backend359 KB359 KB-502 KB-
geogig-1.1.x » GeoGig WebApp738 KB738 KB-113 KB-
geogig-master » GeoGig Experimental Modules59 KB59 KB-755 KB-
geogig-1.0.x » GeoGig DataStore Implementation203 KB203 KB-536 KB-
boundless-trigger-master725 KB725 KB---
geogig-1.0.x » RocksDB storage backend247 KB247 KB-446 KB-
geogig-1.0.x » GeoGig Query Language Extension217 KB217 KB-432 KB-
geogig-1.1.x » GeoGig592 KB592 KB-32 KB-
geogig-1.3.x » GeoGig Query Language Extension168 KB168 KB-440 KB-
geogig-master-deploy » Caffeine implementation of SharedCache450 KB450 KB-145 KB-
geogig-1.3.x-deploy » RocksDB storage backend88 KB88 KB-500 KB-
geogig-master-deploy » Guava Cache implementation of SharedCache443 KB443 KB-91 KB-
geogig-1.3.x-deploy » Storage backends13 KB13 KB-499 KB-
geogig-release-deploy » GeoGig WebApp373 KB373 KB-113 KB-
geogig-master » GeoGig Scripting Extension to Command Hooks180 KB180 KB-303 KB-
geogig-1.2.x-deploy » GeoGig424 KB424 KB-39 KB-
geogig-release-deploy » GeoGig Pull Requests Support Commands55 KB55 KB-405 KB-
geogig-release-deploy » GeoGig415 KB415 KB-39 KB-
geogig-master » GeoGig DataStore Implementation15 KB15 KB-423 KB-
geogig-release » GeoGig Pull Requests Support Commands52 KB52 KB-378 KB-
geogig-release » GeoGig WebApp328 KB328 KB-94 KB-
geogig-1.2.x » Basic GUI tools305 KB305 KB-66 KB-
geogig-master » Caffeine implementation of SharedCache226 KB226 KB-127 KB-
geogig-release » GeoGig319 KB319 KB-33 KB-
geogig-1.2.x » GeoGig WebApp248 KB248 KB-94 KB-
geogig-master-deploy » RevObject cache implementations71 KB71 KB-246 KB-
geogig-1.3.x-deploy » GeoGig268 KB268 KB-38 KB-
geogig-master » Guava Cache implementation of SharedCache225 KB225 KB-77 KB-
geogig-1.0.x » GeoGig WebApp128 KB128 KB-173 KB-
geogig-master » RevObject cache implementations93 KB93 KB-208 KB-
geogig-1.2.x » GeoGig262 KB262 KB-33 KB-
geogig-release-deploy » geogig-cli-remoting58 KB58 KB-213 KB-
geogig-1.3.x » Basic GUI tools194 KB194 KB-63 KB-
geogig-release » geogig-cli-remoting56 KB56 KB-185 KB-
geogig-master » Storage RevObject serialization formats8 KB8 KB-224 KB-
geogig-master » Flatbuffers serialization protocol9 KB9 KB-211 KB-
geogig-master-deploy » GeoGig Experimental Modules28 KB28 KB-190 KB-
geogig-1.3.x-deploy » GeoGig WebApp99 KB99 KB-111 KB-
geogig-1.3.x » GeoGig WebApp105 KB105 KB-91 KB-
geogig-1.0.x » Basic GUI tools134 KB134 KB-62 KB-
geogig-1.3.x » GeoGig159 KB159 KB-32 KB-
geogig-1.0.x » GeoGig124 KB124 KB-31 KB-
boundless-trigger-1.1.x133 KB133 KB---
geogig-master » Openstreetmap extension126 KB126 KB---
geogig-master » Berkeley DB JE storage backend115 KB115 KB---
geogig-master » GeoGig to GeoTools Feature model adapter15 KB15 KB-78 KB-
geogig-release-deploy » GeoGigi CLI Postgres Storage Commands51 KB51 KB-30 KB-
geogig-master » CRS Metadata support47 KB47 KB-25 KB-
geogig-release » GeoGigi CLI Postgres Storage Commands48 KB48 KB-12 KB-
geogig-master » Rocksdb backed support for temporary storage16 KB16 KB-34 KB-
geogig-master » LZ4 compression serialization decorator7 KB7 KB-7 KB-
geogig-master » LZF compression serialization decorator7 KB7 KB-6 KB-
geogig-master » Flatbuffers serialization protocol7 KB7 KB---
Total5 GB5 GB-11 GB-