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Project publish-maven

Uploads EMF artifacts of an existing release to Maven Central.

This job uses the CBI aggregator to materialize the artifacts to deploy into a Maven-style repository. For the deployment to OSSRH some information is missing:

  1. The POM files are missing some required information.
  2. Javadoc jars

To complete the POM files a small utility is contained in the releng project in form of a Java utility. This tool is build at first with Maven and later used to modify the POM files.

The missing Javadocs are also automatically produced from the source bundles by this job.

After this preparations for upload are done:

  1. The POM files are enriched by mandatory information by a small tool
  2. The Jars including sources and javadocs are available in a Maven repository

A shell script now deploys the Jars, their sources and javadocs to OSSRH into a staging repository.

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